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Sutro Heights Park Wedding

Fairytale Wedding at Sutro Heights Park

On May 1, 2021 Tessa and Will tied the knot in San Francisco’s beautiful Sutro Heights Park. Surrounded only by their immediate family, this was a  beautiful, intimate wedding ceremony. The park, which overlooks Ocean Beach, has a stunning flower wall which was bloom during the wedding. This was just perfect. Being that this was my first time shooting at Sutro Heights Park, it couldn’t have been any better.

It was a beautiful sunny day in San Francisco, but being next to the beach it was quite windy (as expected). However, once we walked up to the flower wall, the wind had calmed down. Before the ceremony had started, Will was going over his vows and the family was getting situated. Once everyone arrived at the flower wall, the couple had walked up to the flower wall and the ceremony began.

Sutro Heights Park Wedding

The Wedding Ceremony

Will and Tessa, looked great up there! Tessa had a beautiful wedding dress with a slight hint of pink, while Will had a nicely fitted suit. Additionally, they were placed perfectly. The shade wasn’t spotty but flat, this was a photographer’s dream! The ceremony went by quickly. The poems that Shelly, the officiant, had recited were beautiful. The vows were tear jerking as well! It was a joy being there and experiencing this moment with the couple and their family.

Sutro Heights Park Wedding


After the ceremony and family pictures, it was time for the formals of just the couple. Sutro Heights Park has A LOT to offer! At times, it felt as if I was in old Europe with the stone walls and flowers. But at other times, I felt like I was in at a modern mansion with the unique concrete architecture. The formals went SO well. Tessa and Will were amazing at taking direction into their own hands. We eventually ended our session at Sutro Baths after the park. The sun was perfectly lighting Tessa’s dress and the wind was creating a dreamy mood. I was so grateful to capture this memorable day of beautiful people. Congrats, Tessa and Will, I wish you both the best!


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