Jacob Cabral Photography

A scenic proposal at Ina Coolbrith Park!

As a photographer, there are moments that stand out in your career, and Chris and Danielle’s proposal was definitely one of them. Chris had meticulously planned every detail, and I had the honor of capturing it all unfold.

The location, Ina Coolbrith Park, offered a breathtaking view of San Francisco, providing the perfect backdrop for this special moment. Despite the rain in the days leading up to the proposal, Chris had visited the park to ensure everything was just right. And on the day of the proposal, the weather cleared, setting the stage for a magical evening.

Danielle thought they were attending their niece’s birthday party, so both were dressed to the nines. As they walked towards the spot, following a trail of rose petals lovingly placed by Danielle’s cousin, the excitement was palpable. When they reached the perfect spot, with the city skyline behind them, Chris dropped to one knee and asked Danielle to be his wife. It was a moment of pure joy and emotion, and I was honored to capture it all on camera.

After the proposal, we headed to Bernal Heights for a photo shoot to celebrate their engagement. This was a special moment for me as well because I decided to use my film camera. There’s something about shooting on film that adds a timeless quality to the photos, capturing the raw emotion and intimacy of the moment in a way that digital photos can’t quite replicate.

As the sun set on their special day, Chris and Danielle were beaming with happiness, surrounded by their loved ones and looking forward to their future together. It was a privilege to capture such a beautiful and heartfelt moment, and I’m thrilled that the photos will serve as a lasting memory of their love story.