About Me

Where are you based out of?

I am a Filipino-American residing in San Francisco. Though I shoot around the bay area, I am passport ready 😉

What got you into photography?

My mom was always into photography. We had a studio in my garage when I was very young and would use it to take family pictures! I would borrow her cameras and photograph my friends skating in high school. I was very fascinated how I was able to capture all those fun moments and still am ’til this day!

How did you get into wedding and engagement photography?

In 2016 a couple of my friends noticed my photography on my Instagram and asked if I could do their engagement photos. I’m not afraid to admit that I copied some poses from images I have seen online, but the outcome was amazing. Later I found that poses are just guidelines and I can direct by what’s happening at the moment- Things that I loved capturing. From there on, I grew on to do weddings and never looked back.

How Would you Describe Your Style?

My style is timeless and true-to-color- I try to go for soft, yet crispy tones. I value these ideas because I want my couples to experience the day how it was when they take a glance at their photos 50 years later… I love the thought of this so much!

What gear do you like to use?

For work, I primarily use Canon cameras and sometimes Fuji. But when traveling or doing photowalks around the city, I carry a Leica. Here’s what’s in my bag!

Favorite hobbies?

When I’m not doing anything photography related, I enjoy traveling, lifting, camping, and simple home improvement projects.

Favorite foods?

I will never stop loving Japanese food. I am a complete SUCKER for fresh fish. Let’s get some after our session, yeah??

Do you have any pets?

Currently, my family has a beautiful girl, Annie, and she is the baby of the family! If you plan on having a session with your fur baby, I AM ALL IN.

Introvert or extrovert?

I am primarily an introvert but I when I comes to weddings and photography, I turn into an extrovert. I absolutely love interacting and meeting people!

Five Random Facts About me 😅

  1. I broke my index finger in high school because I caught a football wrong. The doctor told me, “maybe you should learn how to catch a football”.
  2. I wrestled in high school. I got 3rd place at my first tournament! It was out of three people.
  3. From 5th to 8th grade I was always placed at the very end of the class photos because I was the shortest one.
  4. I average a 190 in bowling 
  5. I have been playing trumpet for about 20 years as of 2024

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