Jacob Cabral Photography

While being surrounded by close family, Elsa and Jerry officially tied the knot at their intimate backyard wedding in Pleasanton! Elsa and Jerry are a very sweet couple. During our talks before their small, intimate wedding, I would ask if they wanted “getting ready” photos, first-look photos, etc. But in the end, their main concern was capturing moments with their family. Their response was very humbling. As a wedding photographer, sometimes I get caught up in capturing specific events of the day for the final gallery, but in the end, it is really about moments with WHO, not WHAT. Being that this was a backyard COVID-19 wedding, it was a very intimate, relaxed setting. I love this. Even as a musician, the difference between playing in large concert halls versus playing in small lounges is incomparable in terms of intimacy levels. Do not get me wrong though, I love both large and small weddings, they each have their strong points! This pandemic has been a very grounding experience for myself and with my couples!

When I first arrived at their house, I felt at home. Jerry answered and everyone was getting ready and helping each other out. During this time, I took pictures of their beautiful backyard and setup. It was nice and sunny in Pleasanton that day, so I was more than okay being outside! The ceremony was short and sweet. Bing, the officiant, offered a beautiful sermon while Elsa and Jerry’s vows were sweet, yet entertaining to their close family. After the ceremony, I took pictures of Elsa and Jerry’s family. Though it was not planned, the couple did a cake cutting and a first dance! It was a very beautiful to see the faces of the family when they saw Elsa and Jerry dancing. Congrats Elsa and Jerry, I wish you two the best!


Officiant: Bing

Flowers/Decor: Justin Lacap

Make-up/Hair: LouLou Magsaysay