Jacob Cabral Photography

Sarah & Menur’s Intimate Wedding at Shelldance Gardens in Pacifica, California.

During Pacifica’s peak fog season, July, Sarah and Mensur tied the knot at Shelldance Gardens in the beautiful coast side city of Pacifica. Photographing this wedding hit home for me because it was literally home. I grew up in Pacifica and am always grateful for its surrounding nature all around. It made me into the person I am today. This tale unfolds in the scenic beauty of Shelldance Orchid Gardens, a haven where love blossomed amidst the orchids and greenhouses. Come checkout some of Sarah and Mensur’s photos from their beautiful Pacifica wedding that day!

A Cloudy Morning by the Pacifica Pier

In separate Airbnbs, anticipation filled the air. Mensur, surrounded by his family who had traveled from Europe, shared a quiet moment with a gift from Sarah – a timeless watch, a symbol of their shared moments. The cloudy skies painted a serene backdrop as Mensur’s brother arrived in a vintage Mustang to sweep him away.

Meanwhile, in her own private haven, Sarah reveled in the thoughtful Tiffany earrings from Mensur. A handwritten card held the essence of their love, setting the tone for the day. At Sarah’s Airbnb, intimate moments were shared between her and her mom after seeing her in the wedding dress for the first time. After everyone was ready, it was time to make our way to Shelldance for the ceremony and celebration.

The Transformation of Shelldance…

Caitlin McDonald Events and H&J Flowers orchestrated a symphony of beauty at Shelldance. What was once a gravel parking lot transformed into an extravagant dreamscape. The ceremony, held inside the greenhouse, bathed in natural light and adorned with air plants, offered an intimate setting for the 80 cherished guests.

Family formals and bridal party portraits unfolded against the verdant backdrop. Amidst hundreds of plants in the greenhouse, Sarah and Mensur stole a moment for themselves, surrounded by the quiet beauty that mirrored their love.

Choosing Shelldance spoke volumes about the couple’s shared passions, turning their wedding day into a reflection of their unique story.

A Moment for the Bride & Groom

The Fog-Kissed Reception

As the day turned into night, the reception kicked off in the cool Pacifica fog. The air buzzed with laughter, music, and dance. Halfway through, Sarah donned Mensur’s traditional wear, adding a cultural touch to the celebration. The fog couldn’t dampen the warmth of their love, and the revelry continued.

The finale featured a spectacular streamer exit, leading the couple to a vintage Mustang waiting to carry them away. A private rendezvous at Mussel Rock Park allowed for late-night photos, capturing the essence of their love against the backdrop of the vintage Mustang and the starlit sky.

And so, under the Pacifica fog and the twinkling stars, Sarah and Mensur’s wedding day concluded – a timeless tale of love, laughter, and the beginning of a new chapter.

The Finale at Mussel Rock

As they drove into the night, the vintage Mustang carrying their laughter, love, and dreams, Sarah and Mensur embarked on the journey of forever, leaving behind echoes of joy at Shelldance Orchid Gardens. And in the embrace of the Pacifica fog, their love story continued, a tale written in the heart of nature, sealed in the beauty of Shelldance.