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Sharmane & Nico’s Special Day!

Check out some of Nico and Sharmane’s photos from their big day! We started off at their houses and ended the day at Mussel Rock in Daly City.

Getting Ready

When I first arrived at Nico’s house for the getting ready shots, his family was very welcoming and were eating a good, home cooked breakfast for the big day ahead of them. Fortunately, I didn’t have to worry about a big bridal party since he and Sharmane planned on a small, intimate wedding with only their immediate family! Everything was fast and fairly easy for me at Nico’s place. I started off with the detail shots in the backyard- Since it was SUPER sunny outside, I found a nice shaded area to provide even lighting. Max, the family German Shepherd, was making sure I had good company while I took the detail shots hehe. A cool little detail is Nico’s engagement band, it represents the infinity stones from the Avengers! Sharmane gave it to him as a gift since he is a big Marvel fan. Once I finished with the details, I started to shoot Nico getting ready shots. His brother and best man, Rich, helped Nico put on his jacket to get him ready for the big day. (You can find Rich’s wedding blog here!) Once Nico was ready, we took pictures with his brother and father! After finishing up Nico’s getting ready pictures, I started to make my way to Sharmane’s Airbnb. 


The ladies house was so poppin’ when I got there! Music was loud, Sharmane was getting her hair done, and her family was eating and taking selfies. Sharmane even had the details laid out already, this saved me SO much time! Once I got there, I again took more detail photos, Sharmane’s dress and the details she had laid out herself. I also took some pictures of the flowers that Sharmane’s mom did! They looked so GOOD. After doing the detail shots, I took photos of Sharmane in her makeup chair and the ladies in their robes as well. Once the ladies were dressed in their dresses, they awaited Sharmane for the first look. When they saw Sharmane in her dress, they were astounded by her in her dress! Sharmane looked so good and they loved it! She was so ready for the big day. 




St. Augustine Church Ceremony, South San Francisco

The wedding ceremony took place at their parish, St. Augustine in South San Francisco. There weren’t a lot of people because Sharmane and Nico wanted to keep it small just for immediate family. A little fun fact about me and St. Augustine- St. Augustine was the church I shot my very first wedding! It’s also my home parish as well- I got baptized, did first communion, and got confirmed here as well. After shooting here numerous times, I had an idea of what my camera settings should be, I felt very confident shooting here! Some highlights I really enjoyed were Nico’s reaction to Sharmane walking down the aisle, it’s always emotional for everyone, myself included, to see and capture the first look happening at the church. Additionally, towards the end of the ceremony, Nico and Sharmane’s close friends surprised the couple by unexpectedly showing up! Following the ceremony, the altar photos went fairly fast because Sharmane and Nico had a list prepared. We then made our way to Mussel Rock to finish up with some bridal formals!

Mussel Rock Formals, Daly City

Sharmane and Nico wanted a beautiful location that was near St. Augustine for their formals, I knew the exact place- Mussel Rock! Usually it is hard to find spots in the Daly City or South San Francisco Area, however, Pacifica is FULL of beautiful coastal views! Following the ceremony, the sun was low enough for formals. I usually like shooting when the sun is low because the shadows are less harsh and I can get my subjects to block the light! Mussel Rock gives off that California coastal vibe and they loved it! Sharmane and Nico were amazing during their formals. Their chill, funny, and comfortable personalities made these shots SO fun. Plus, they looked AMAZING! The shots came out beautiful, the sun was perfect and the light wind created some dramatic photos with Sharmane’s long veil. It was such a fun day with these two, I am so grateful to have captured their big day! Congrats Sharmane and Nico, I wish you both the best!!

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