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Maternity Shoot at the Arizona Cactus Garden…


Check out Leanne and Joe’s maternity photos taken at the Arizona Cactus Garden in Palo Alto, California! Because I also shot Leanne and Joe’s wedding back in early 2020 before the pandemic, this would be one of those “how it started, how it’s going” blogs. During the wedding toast, I clearly remember Joe’s father saying “Joe, get the job done, you know what to do”.. looks like Joe got the job done! Joe and Leanne are really down to earth people, they meditate together and have deep love for life and nature. We chose the Arizona Cactus Garden because of it’s natural, beautiful vibe. On top of that, I always love shooting at this location! There’s always so many spots to shoot at. Because I shot with this couple in the past at their wedding, they knew me, my style, and how I work. They were fantastic to shoot and be with and took direction very well! Congrats on your little family, Leanne and Joe! You are both an inspiration to everyone around you.

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