Jacob Cabral Photography

Viv & Fern’s San Francisco Virtual City Hall Marriage!

Who Knew That Virtual Weddings Could be so Intimate?!

Check out some of the photos from Viv and Fern’s San Francisco Virtual City Hall Marriage! During the height of the pandemic, San Francisco’s City Hall stayed closed. No one but city officials were allowed inside, but more importantly, this meant that no one was able to get married inside the famous San Francisco landmark. However, to make things work, they started doing virtual weddings! YES, like through Zoom…I was so excited to see how this would go!

When I arrived at Viv and Fern’s place, it was like they were ready to get married inside City Hall; they were dressed for it and even had the florals (Diosa Blooms) down. The space they created was also so intimate, I was in for a beautiful moment. The overall process was very smooth! They got online with a judge and the ceremony immediately started. “I didn’t think I’d get this emotional”, is what both Viv and Fern said when the judge started going into the “I do’s”. We all thought that because this was a virtual marriage, it would be fast and easy, but to our surprise it was just as intimate than an in person ceremony! After they had made it official, we had a beautiful time walking around San Francisco and shooting some bridal portraits! We first walked near City Hall and then drove to the China Town gate. Here are highlights from Viv and Fern’s San Francisco Virtual City Hall Marriage. At the end of the day, I was so grateful to have experience and capture this beautiful marriage between two amazing people! Congrats Viv and Fern!! Side note- Look out for part 2, Viv and Fern’s Luminary Farm Wedding!!!