Jacob Cabral Photography


Before I talk about this beautiful couple, let me start off by telling you how I am embarrassed to say that this was my first time shooting an engagement session at Mussel Rock in Pacifica, California, why?  Because this spot is literally 3-5 min away from my house!!! I have been here many times to walk Yola (my dog) but it finally clicked that I could use this location after Morgan had asked me if I knew of a spot near water. Well, now that I’ve got that out of the way, I want to talk about the session and how lucky I was to have Morgan and Ryan as my first couple to shoot at Mussel Rock!

Pacifica is known to be a foggy, gloomy place due to its location being next to water. It is also known to be very bipolar; in the morning it would be sunny and at night it would get foggy and wet. When I woke up that day, it was nice and sunny but as I was walking out of the house to head over to Mussel Rock, it started to rain…just my luck, right? I head over to Mussel Rock anyway since Morgan and Ryan were already there and I had an umbrella in my car incase they still wanted to get some shots. At the time I was thinking how it would look interesting if I had some umbrella shots in the rain next the coast. Well, as I was driving, things started to look more optimistic, the rain had suddenly stopped and the sun even started to peak through the clouds!

When I arrived, I had finally met Morgan and Ryan in person, and they both looked fantastic! Morgan and Ryan, an awesome couple from the mid-west, just had moved to the Bay Area for their new jobs in the medical field. They both save lives and are super adventurous, I cannot stress how fortunate I was to shoot and edit their engagement photos! During the session, they were so easy to work with. I would direct them to do something and they knew what to do right away. This was possible because their connection was so deep that nothing seemed to matter outside of their world as a couple. During the walks to the different spots, they were also so easy to connect and talk to. As a photographer, I think that a connection between the client(s) is much more important amongst other factors. Don’t get me wrong though, how a photographer does their job is important, but it’s the connection and chemistry that builds the whole experience! When I had ideas, Morgan and Ryan were so with it, no questions, they just let my creative juices flow. As the session went on, the sun was gradually coming out more and more. By the time we were finishing off our session at the nearby Esplanade Beach, I was able to get sunset pictures of the beautiful couple. Here are Morgan and Ryan’s Engagement session pictures