Jacob Cabral Photography

Lou and Cris wanted to have their engagement photos done at the Pigeon Point Lighthouse, a lighthouse on the coast of California a little more south of Half-Moon Bay. I first went here in 2016 after seeing numerous pictures on Instagram. I saw beautiful pictures of stars being a lonely lighthouse, so I thought I would check it out for myself. I was able to get some awesome pictures and posted it on Instagram the same night! So, what does this have to do with Lou and Cris?? Well, Cris saw what I posted and decided that this was the place he would propose to his future fiancé, Lou. Fast forward a couple of years later, he did it! spoiler alert: Lou said yes! Lou and Cris were first met at a youth group for their church and were together for a little over 10 years before he proposed. When Cris contacted me asking me if they could do their engagement shoot at the Pigeon Point Lighthouse, I was SO EXCITED. One, because this was where he proposed to her and two, because this is such a cool location for photos! Not only is there an old, historic lighthouse, but they have these cool small buildings surrounding it, giving it a rustic and vintage feel. Since I typically shoot after 4PM for lighting purposes, it was perfect. Since the sun sets on the west, the lighting was behind Cris and Lou most of the time, providing an even lighting on their faces without any squinting. Though it was windy at times, we used it to our advantage. It gave off a dramatic mood to the photos. Like all my shoots with my clients, I had a great time with Lou and Cris. We were all on the same level on what was trying to be envisioned and the set came out more than amazing. If you plan on having an engagement shoot here, you cannot go wrong!