Jacob Cabral Photography

Evan and Satya ROCKED their San Francisco Golden Gate Park engagement photo shoot! This amazing couple first met while working on the same team at Apple. Every time I directed them during the sesh, they went 110%. When I asked them to dance,  I felt like I was watching a movie. Evan and Satya were so natural, it was a joy to shoot their bond. Here are some details and photos from that day.

Before the shoot, after emailing back and forth, the lovely couple and I decided on Golden Gate Park due to its many beautiful properties. From the deco-styled stage to the modern De Young Museum, you cannot go wrong with Golden Gate Park! I always try to shoot engagement sessions when the sun is low, that way I can get more of a back-lit light source. We started shooting at around 5PM. At first I was afraid because that’s the time when fog starts to roll into SF. But fortunately, Karl the Fog wasn’t in town that day and I was able to get nice, warm sunlight peaking through the parks tall trees! I couldn’t imagine better weather and lighting. Everything was perfect, especially the bond between Evan and Satya.

Evan and Satya, again, were amazing. I would direct them with something little and they would take those ideas and run off with them. They were naturals and it was beautiful. Right before the shoot, I  asked Evan if he wanted to bring props- something that would represent them, or their relationship. Evan brought wine from France, which represented their love for traveling, and Satya brought an ukulele, to represent her love for making music and singing. We had fun shooting with these props. In some of the photos you can see how Evans quirkiness breaks Satya’s shyness. They simply balance themselves. In the end, their powerful bond made the photos happen. I could’ve taken them with a phone, and it still would’ve came out great because of them. I was just simply clicking a button. Here are photos from their engagement shoot.